Stainless Steel or Titanium Needle Roller – Which is Better for You?

When choosing dermaroller, you will most likely find out that there are two types of different rollers. Titanium needle roller is your first option. Your second option is stainless steel needles. Which is better for you? We will try to make the decision making as simple as possible with this review.

Stainless Steel Dermarollers

Stainless steel is one of the most hygenic materials. In our opinion stainless steel derma rollers are extremly sharp and hygenic . This is because such needles that are penetrating your skin and you do not want anykind of problems. Even with best efforts with sterilization you can not get titanium needle roller as clean as one made of stainless steel. This does not mean that titanium rollers are bad – they just need a bit more care. However stainless steel needles are not as strong as titanium ones. Mostly the strength of the roller is not as important as both products are high quality and durable. As we mentioned hygiene before then you should consider buying a stainless steel roller in case you are using bigger needles. It can reduce the risk of getting infections due to rolling your skin. There is another reason to choose it – it is super sharp. If we compare stainless steel to titanium then the first one is much easier to sharpen.

Stainless steel needle roller

Titanium Needle Dermarollers

Titanium derma rollers are very strong. There have been studies about the strength of the needles. The results might be unbelievable, but needles made of titanium are up to 50% stronger compared to stainless steel needles. Strength is most important when you are using small needle sizes. Titanium needles are much stronger at such measurments – for example 0.2mm to 0.5mm. Stainless steel needles might bend when it falls from your hand, titanium needles will not have such problems. Of course none of us drops it on purpose but sometimes it just might happen. When you bend the needles you will not be able to use it again in other words you would just rip your skin apart. The only major weakness we can point at is hygiene. You have to clean it very thoroughly in order to keep it safe and hygenic.

Titanium needle roller

Needles Hygiene

This is one of the most important topics to cover. In our previous blog posts we have covered how to clean your dermaroller. Just to cover it quickly you have to look after your roller after every use. To be sure you can always clean your roller before and after you have used it. Make sure to clean it according to instructions, otherwise you might damage the product and it will not be safe to use. Needles are very sensitive and should not be abused too much to get the best results. You should always try to keep your derma roller as clean as possible in order to be safe and get best results. If you notice damaged needles then do not use it – it might cause damage to your skin. Keeping your roller in good shape and it will take care of your skin!

Titanium Needle Roller Pros&Cons

When you are using a titanium needle roller you have made a great decision without a doubt. Exactly the same applies when you are using stainless steel needled roller. Both of these products are great but still they both have their pros and cons. For example titanium rollers are not as hygenic as their counterparts made of stainless steel. This also means you have to be extremly careful when cleaning and sterilizing your roller and it´s needles. Please make sure you are not in a hurry while doing it to avoid any future damage to your skin. However titanium needles are much stronger and resistant to falls compared to stainless steel needles. In conclusion titanium rollers are stronger but harder to clean and in addition might offer a better esthetic look.

Stainless Steel Needle Roller Pros&Cons

For instance using stainless steel needles you can be sure that after correct treatment they are hygenic. In addition you can clean and sterilize them easier and will not use as much time. Without a doubt they are stong but not as strong as titanium needles. You should be careful not to drop it, this causes the needles to bend and makes it unusable. In conclusion we can say that stainless steel needles are a great choice when you are after the most hygiene solution possible.

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